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THE MAW rev 2024


(First batch of rev2024 comes with black footswitch)

Forget the chainsaw, Fear the MAW!
The maw is a brand new guitar pedal that emulates the classic HM2 chainsaw sound so dear to the swedish death metal/grindcore scene.
However, (and it's an important point here) contrary to a market saturated with clones, the Maw circuit is entirely new and built from the ground up to surpass its ancestor.
With more dB output, more aggro, thrice the gain and a good 65% of noise reduction, the maw is a new cornerstone in the pedal arsenal of any death metal rig.
The Maw thrives in fast, tight pick attacks and, thanks to its proprietary internal feedback blocker/filter, allows for much more control when used on a dirt channel.
The no-nonsense design features a full (bile) and low (teeth) gain switch while the only knob commands the output. The "bile" setting is primarily designed for a clean channel use while the "Teeth" setting is designed for a hot channel use.
So, if you're looking for something new, tone crushing and grimey, The Maw is for you.

-Handmade in France
-Point to point circuit
-True bypass
-Yellow led
-original circuit design.
-Dual gain settings
-Guitar or bass
-9v negative center.

rev 2024:

-increased gain
-re-balanced feedback blocker
-no mud pre-filter

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