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Third iteration, the new DRAUGR is now chainsaw capable.
The circuit is now IC based instead of transistor based. Every aspect has been improved and/or enhanced. More general output, low noise, much higher gain and better overall tone.

The FROST setting offers a high saturated, silky smooth texture. Fat enough to crush any band with a gigantic wall of sound but never muddy. All the frequencies have been internally equalized to react with your own amp EQ.

The BLIGHT setting engages the chainsaw EQ peak for maximum output and damage while remaining balanced compared to other frequencies.

-Chainsaw capable.
-High saturation
-Point to point circuit
-Brighter and smoother on tube amps.
-Sounds evil on high power solid state amps.
-UV printed
-Handmade in France

True bypass. 9v negative center (boss standard). blue led.