Grind ex Inferis!
The Gaunt is kind of a missing link in the distortion pedal domain.
Especially designed for metal, black metal and death, it's super saturated with a sharp attack and a fast response. Palm mutes are rich and strokes are very fluid.
There's no diodes whatsoever in the sound, everything is pure mosfet power with a great tube-like texture, all running with only 9v.
It's also very low noise in regards of the sheer amount of distortion and sustain coming from this circuit.
Despite the EQ being internally set to be the most balanced possible maximizing cooperation with your amp's EQ section, the sound is full of warm upper midrange attack. You have the choice to switch between two presence mode, one full (wings) and one a tad warmer (claws).

-9v operation (boss standard)
-true bypass
-red led
-presence mode
-low noise
-super saturation
-mosfet based


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