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The Lich resides in the realm in between death metal and funeral doom, providing a tight and subtle octave up effect as well as an highly saturated gain structure.

The "Evil" setting equals max gain and is primarily designed to be used on a clean channel. The heavy saturation allows for grinding palm mutes, long sustain and a non glitchy octave up effect, perfect for funeral doom along the lines of electric wizard or with the dead but with a detailed and precise attack.
The internal active tone circuit brings guts precision to make tri-tones more menacing than ever, like an sublayer of hm2 cut.

The "Vile" setting equals low gain and is primarily designed to be used as a boost on an overdrive channel. the low saturation allows for a cutting attack and dynamics without compromising on the octave up, however the sublayer of chainsaw cut gets more prominent, making for intense and gnarly half swedish riffs.

Thanks to the anti-feedback circuitry, the "Vile" setting brings low noise operation with a fast and snappy attack while the "Evil" setting is virtually noiseless (both played on primary intended channels)

Whether you crave slow and low octave grind in your funeral doom band or need something to boost your overdrive channel amp into death metal territory while adding an original twist on your sound, the LICH will cast the grinding spell.

-9v operation (boss standard, negative center)
-high saturation
-octave up
-chainsaw capable
-purple led
-handmade in France