The Spookhouse

Established in 2013, A.I.B Custom Fx is a small workshop specializing in building handbuilt and handpainted high gain distortion and fuzz pedals. The different artworks and styles are heavily influenced by horror iconography, sci-fi, fantasy or even by utilitarian/military style designs. 

A.I.B proposes original circuit designs as well as tweaked and personal takes on classic pedals ranging from affordable stage ready pedals to true one-off collector devices, all loaded with the same high quality components and passion for high gain grind.

During the past 7 years, the workshop has provided many special custom orders for independent musicians, studios, small bands and even for international bands and names such as John Garcia, brant Bjork (kyuss, vista chino. usa), Mars Red Sky (fr) or Post Malone (usa).

Although the brand has a strong focus on monstrous saturation and gain, it also has a soft side: A.I.B Custom Fx supports scientific & medical research and vows to make a donation for every pedal purchased, extending the boundaries of knowledge one riff at a time.